Episerver 7 Exam Preparation

Today I passed the EPiServer 7 exam. If you think the information EPiServer gives about the exam is a little overwhelming.. I can say you are not alone. Because of this, the pitfall is; you know / learn about too many things too little or about too little things too much. Hopefully this post can help you to put you in the right direction and not give you too much information about too much things 😉 ..

The exam is split into 5 knowledge areas: Content model, Creating websites, Product knowledge, advanced concepts, Installation & Configuation. 10 to 15 questions per area.

If you focus on the next pieces of information / documentation the chances are high you pass:

It is wise to understand everything that is used in the Alloy website and with everything I mean everything from top till bottom, every; class, interface, attribute, config setting and concept. If you don’t understand a little piece search for it on the internet, there is plenty of information about every class and concept on the internet and in the SDK.

Tips per knowledge area:

The knowledge areas are also described on the EPiServer website. But where to start? I think per area it’s enough to focus on the next tips, together with the tips and documentation a talked about above, and it’s likely you pass the exam.

Content Model

Creating websites

  • Understand the Alloy website top till bottom
  • A lot of things are also explained in the book by Joel Abrahamsson
  • If you have a lot of EPiServer experience there is nothing to worry about here.
  • How EpiServer Html helper propertyfor works

Product knowledge

  • Read the editors and admin manual
  • Click through the episerver interface (dashboard, editor and admin sections)

Advanced concepts

Installation & Configuation

  • Most important read the admin manual and understand the Admin section of the EpiServer interface.
  • Understand the concept of the Add-on store; how you can install add-ons and where they are stored / installed.
  • Use the deployment center once or twice yourself.

Good luck!

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