About .us

Codevelo.us is an intitiative of Marvelous. We are an enthusiastic group of .NET, Episerver and Umbraco experts located in Den Bosch (NL). Marvelous has done numerous reviews on implementations, followed by developments and consultancy.

We are well willing to share the leasons learned and this blog is part of it. Our cooperative mindset does give you as a guest writer also the opportunity to share your knowledge via codevelo.us as well. If you have something nice you like to share, let us know!

Marvelous is the founder of the Dutch Episerver meetup (Epidemic) and is awarded with an Episerver EMVP, Umbraco MVP and a DUUG MVP for organizing events, it’s participation in the communities and it’s expertise on these platforms.

Besides code we love beers. That’s why we introduced our very own home brewed beer "Getapte Jongen" a nice Belgian Saison. Don’t hesitate to visit us in Den Bosch and you will be surprised about the combined enthusiasm of beers and code craftsmanship.

Feel free to get in touch with us via; marvelous.nl

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