Cross session personalisation with Episerver

With the standard visitor group criteria cross session personalisation is not standard.
However when a user already has visited your website you know him or her from a previous visit and don’t want to discover who he or she
is the second time, you only like to know him better. In the real world the customer don’t need to introduce him self the second time.
We like to reach the same goal with the visitors on our website.

Episerver 7 Exam Preparation

Today I passed the EPiServer 7 exam. If you think the information EPiServer gives about the exam is a little overwhelming.. I can say you are not alone. Because of this, the pitfall is; you know / learn about too many things too little or about too little things too much. Hopefully this post can help you to put you in the right direction and not give you too much information about too much things 😉